Our Story

We would like to begin our story by telling you a little about outselves: we are a ream of professional real estate agents, pleased to place our experience at your disposal.
We have worked for many years as property consultants, providing customers' assistance also in financing and mediation. We are skilled at reconciling the needs of sellers and purchasers taking into consideration both financial issues and living needs of our clients.
We conduct transactions with equanimity and protection of both parties. It all seems very simple-but these few words have a deep and precise meaning for us.

We have been active in the region of Umbria for 12 years. We started by focusing our activities mainly in the area around Spoleto, then we progressively expanded our presence towards Trevi and Foligno, and eventually covered the whole region of Umbria.
In the last few years we have worked throughout all of Italy, locating and offering prestigious property to foreign clients wishing to purchase real estate in our country.
The growth of our business comes from out immense passion for this work, and
is the result of clear choises-deeply pondered, sometimes hard and financially risky, but necessary in order to achieve excellence in our field.

Launching our business was not easy: we started in September 1997, just a few days before the earthquake which shook the region that year. Amazingly enough, that tragic event was stimulating for us, a first trial, a sort of tough "welcome" to our firm, just born in the field of real estate.
Carolina, the head of the agency-nicknamed "Hurricane Carolina" in the brochures of Franchising Immobiliare- remembers those first months vividly.
Today we are proud of the way we started, with great inner strenght and tenaciouness which made us go on in spite of the sorrowful events which might have hindered our work. Slowly, thanks to our skill, dedication and enthusiasm, things started working, or as we like to think, we made them work.
Since the beginning we have experienced a stable increase in results, appreciation and customer satisfaction, undoubtedly thanks to Carolina's great charisma and professional skils, coupled with her endurance, a dose of hard-headedness and her best quality: humility. Ups and downs have never been lacking, and we wish for the trend to continue in the future, since we believe that growth can only be achieved by facing problems - and finding the right solutions. And we know that "grown up people" are necessary in our field if we want to achieve top results.

After the agency in Spoleto we opened a subsidiary in Foligno, and finally our new Spoleto location in Piazza del Mercato, which mainly deals with the needs of our Italian and international clientele concerning the historical city center.
This website was designed to showcase prestigious properties for an international clientele: we hope you will like its look and espacially its contents.
Each single propertiy has some special feature that makes it unique and exlusive; in the same way, each relationship we establish with a client is personal and unique.

We combine our professional skills and technical knowledge with warm and direct communication, to make you feel at case and fully supported in performingyour selling or purchasing transaction in the easiest and most secure way.
This is our promise and our offer.

The team of realtors and collaborators of B. Spoleto S.r.l.

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