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Umbria - Trevi
Typology historic dwelling
Location hilly
Living surface about 600 sqm
Bedrooms 8
Bathrooms 5
Land/grounds about 3,500 sqm, with park
Storey ground, 1st, 2st, cellars
period of construction XVIII century
State of building restored in the 20's
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The villa is located right the town of Trevi, famous for its excelent Olive Oil and home to numerous artists and celebrities.
The hilly location of this estate, with otimal sun exposure, allows for privacy while the vicinity to the tpwn centre makes it easy for its residents to walk to town and enjoy all of its commodities.
About 4 Km of panoramic road will get you down to the Highway E 45, from which all major Umbrian towns and tourist attractions can be reached easily.
The Perugia S. Egidio airport is close by, while Rome is about two hours away.

Description and features

This historic residence is accessed by an entrance boulevard. Partially in need of restoration, the estate nevertheless greets its visitors with the harming appearance of this type of building, increased by the antique patina slowly donned upon it by the passing of time.
The large entrance salon with its gorgeous wooden escalade provides a fine introduction to the mansion. The ground floor consists of two large lounges, bathrooms, several rooms, and a lower level (completely above ground) featuring a series of service rooms, some skill used as kitchen space, others as storage, studio and technical rooms. a passageway in the kitchen area provides access to the cellars, and to an ancient secret refuge.
On the first floor we find three rooms, one of which was used as a library room, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The upper level is occupied by the extensive attics; throughout the area the height is suitable for living space, and in some points it would be possible to build an intermediate floor.
The main access to the building is from the side, reached by passing under a gracefull arch which gives the entrancce a sense of privacy while providing a scenic visual separation between the park of the villa and the access boulevard zone.
The park is well exposed yt shaded by century olr trees, has a regular shape and covers a surface of about 3,500 sqm, handsomely laid out in the back of the villa.
In the area the villa entrance, along the side of the access boulevard, there is an ancient structure which was used as a citrus winter shelter (limonaia), with a surface of about 100 sqm.
The whole property is throughly enclosed by stone walls.

Materials and finishes

All of the building materials of the villa are either original, or dating back to the time of the one and only restructuring work, which was undertaken in the '20s under the supervision of Architect Marconi.
A notable detail is the solid chestnut escalade, matched by chestnut wood panelling in the entrance hall.

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